Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodie bags for chefs

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[Warning: If you happen to be one of the superstar cookbook authors appearing on the Cooking Stage at the 2010 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at UCLA, STOP READING RIGHT NOW - the goodie bags are supposed to be a surprise! Also, hi, and thanks for visiting my blog!]

You know how movie stars get terrific goodie bags filled with jewelry, cool sunglasses and expensive skincare products when they go to industry events? Well, chefs who go to industry events get goodie bags too - and the stuff they get would make your little foodie eyes turn pure green with envy.

For example, this weekend is the 2010 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at UCLA. On the Cooking Stage, cookbook authors and celebrity chefs - Alice Waters, Trisha Yearwood and Alicia Silverstone, among others - will talk and demonstrate recipes from their books for the crowd. Michael Weisberg, the fabulous emcee of the cooking events and cookbook publicist extraordinaire, has assembled some fantastic goodie bags for the special guests. And he gave me a peek inside.

What does it take to impress Alice Waters? Let's see: 

California Innovations Thermal Tote - 56 Can BLUE 


Kate @ Savour fare said...

Wow indeed! And how can I get in on this action? Alice Waters doesn't need that stuff!

Erika's Mom said...

Which of these do you want for your birthday?"

Gisele aka LA2LAChef said...

Wow- indeed! How do they manage after the Oscars started canceling theirs due to taxes?

@Savour- the people who get this stuff never need it. The chaffeurs at Oscars and Grammys often benefited- sigh...

Chef Betty Fraser said...

As one of the lucky chef recipients I will tell you quite honestly that I will use AND appreciate each and every item in this "oh, so generous" gift bag of thanks!~ Michael Weisberg, you are awesome! Chef Betty Fraser/Top Chef Quickfire cookbook

Patti at Worth The Whisk said...

Michael sure knows how to stuff a SWAG bag, those lucky chefs.

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