Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trufflepalooza 2011: Photos, part 2

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Wente wines to go with all the truffles (photo: Lauren Cohen)
I'm still basking in the glow of Trufflepalooza 2011. I throw lots of parties, but Trufflepalooza is my favorite. This year the menu had 16 truffle-topped or -infused dishes, and everything got good reviews from the crowd. There are 51 weeks left until next year's truffle-fest, but I'm already thinking about recipes....

Here are a few more photos from this year's Trufflepalooza - thanks to photographer and graphic designer Lauren Cohen for all of these beautiful shots. Remember, if you're planning to be in Los Angeles in late July 2012, let me know. You're invited!

Bonnie Shannon arranging Creminelli "Tartufo" salami (photo: Lauren Cohen)

Truffled Pacific rockfish "brandade" in cucumber cups (photo: Lauren Cohen)

The buffet table (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Crowd shot (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Radish truffle butter tartines in progress (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Don't I look calm? Not sure how that happened.... (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Filet mignon sandwiches with homemade truffle butter (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Creamy wild mushroom soup with truffles (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Food writer Nancy Mehagian and Patricia Rose (Fresh Food in a Flash) slicing filet mignon (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Patricia Rose preparing the puff pastry straws (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Patti Londre (Worth the Whisk) and Hilary Cable slathering truffle butter on baguette slices (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Many helping hands in the kitchen! (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Truffled puff pastry straws (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Crostini with fresh ricotta and truffle honey (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Samples from Sabatino Tartufi (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Truffled pork and shrimp shumai (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Truffled egg salad on the buffet (photo: Lauren Cohen)
Truffled brown butter Rice Krispies treats from Shockingly Delicious (photo: Lauren Cohen)
The last bite: Truffle-infused chocolate truffles (photo: Lauren Cohen)


Patti at Worth The Whisk said...

I was in truffle heaven that day, for sure. Congrats again.

Marybeth Newton said...

When can we get recipes? And yes, I would like to reserve an invite now for next year. Been enjoying your blog immensely since we met at the LA Weekly awards event. Keep up the good work!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Already planning next year? I love it! I usually grab a glass of wine and some magazines and cookbooks and plan next year's Thanksgiving the day after this year's Thanksgiving. I thought I was the only crazy person who did that kind of thing....

FamilySpice said...

I am so not missing this next year! I am so impressed! I have never worked with truffles. Over the weekend I tried french fries laced with truffle oil in your honor! You did a marvelous job, Erika!

~ Chef Louise said...

can't tell you how sad i am that i had to miss this... still crying about it. looks like you had a terrific time. hopefully i will see you before the summer is over.


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