Superfoods recipe list

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I hope you're enjoying these Superfoods recipes! Here's a list of all the delicious dishes in this series:

January 3: Spiced sweet potato coins
January 5: Simple lentil soup (guest post from Shockingly Delicious)
January 8: Simple kale salad
January 9: Napa cabbage slaw (guest post from Adventures with Nancy Rose)
January 11: Smoothie with beets
January 14: Spanakorizo (guest post from Life In Greek)
January 19: Raw cabbage salad with lemon
January 21: Spinach fried rice with furikake (guest post from my 13-year-old son Emery)
January 22: Creamy kale soup
January 24: Smoky roasted kale chip-tomato quinoa salad (guest post from Cooking on the Weekends)
January 25: Veggie cilantro mint quinoa pilaf (guest post from Yumkid
January 30: Salmon with fruit salsa (guest post by Maura Ammenheuser)
January 31: Superfoods smoothie (guest post from Holistically Haute Wellness)
February 1: Baked sweet potatoes with garlicky greens and walnut cream (guest post from Eat This Poem)
February 8: Kale pesto
February 12: Delicata squash with quinoa and arugula (guest post from Laura Malcolm)
February 15: Broccoli mash

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