Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recipe: Impromptu pasta with broccolini, mozzarella, onion and chicken sausage

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This was one of those nights where I experimented and the results were quite good.

Our neighbor Susanna showed up at the door yesterday with a bag of organic greens from her husband Victor's garden. So lucky, we are, not only to have nice neighbors, but neighbors who bring us homegrown organic produce! One bag had chard and kale, and that's still in the refrigerator. The other had adorable broccolini, already washed and begging to be used.

So I boiled up some bow tie pasta. While that was in the pot, I sauteed a sliced onion with three chicken sausages (the ones that are already cooked, Italian Parmesan flavor) sliced into coins. When the onions were softened and the sausage rounds were brown around the edges, I added three cloves of chopped garlic and the chopped broccolini. When the pasta was done, the toppings were too.

I tossed it all in a bowl with cubed fresh mozzarella (smoked would have been good too, but I only had fresh), a handful of grated Grana Padano, ground pepper and the juice of half a Meyer lemon.

I loved it. Husband loved it. One kid ate everything but the cheese. The other kid ate only the cheese. Jack Sprat lives on.

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