Monday, January 19, 2009

Recipe: Rosemary flatbread with grapes, blue cheese and honey

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The other day, after craving it for weeks, I made the rosemary flatbread with grapes, blue cheese and honey from Food & Wine magazine's October 2008 issue. It wasn't hard - the dough is a fairly standard pizza dough. I don't have a pizza stone (I know, I know) so I heated my sheet pan up in the oven before I put the flatbread on it to bake, to give it a little extra crunch. I probably could have baked it a little longer, because my grapes didn't shrivel as much as the ones in the magazine's photo, but no matter. It was a success.

No one was here to share it with me.

So I ate the whole thing.

And it was delicious.

And I didn't even feel guilty, because no one else in my house likes blue cheese!

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