Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Be still, my heart

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I got the following email today. Just as I read it, the clouds parted and the sun came out.

Dear Erika,

Penzeys Spices is coming to Santa Monica! Our second Southern California store (located just one block east of the Third Street Promenade) will be opening soon. With construction underway, we'll be heading your way in the next couple of weeks to put the finishing touches on the place and to look for a staff to work with us. We have full and part time positions available for people who Love to Cook and Cook to Love. The ideal candidates have a fantastic customer-oriented personality, a love of food and spices, and enjoy a physically active work environment....


Is there any possibility that a job at Penzeys would pay enough to make it worth doing? Probably not. But it sure would be fun. For me.

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Eric said...

You should do it. Think of all the connections you'd make. Just make sure that you're still allowed to keep your blog going. I'm addicted!

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