Thursday, January 14, 2010

Countdown to Kelly Ripa: Day 26

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Only 26 days until I go to New York to decorate cakes with the beautiful Kelly Ripa! Travel arrangements are set, schedules have been firmed up, and my fellow food bloggers and I are waiting for details from Foodbuzz and Electrolux about what exactly to expect. Will we each be working on our own cake? Is it a contest? How long will it take? Should we bring our own aprons? And, most important, are we going to be on TV? Please say yes, please say yes! The last time I was on television I was seven and made an appearance on Wonderama, a show you will only remember if you are firmly middle-aged like me.
So in yesterday's countdown, I explained that cake decorating and I have not been terrific friends in the past, and I took out my decorating tips to get reacquainted with them. Today I'm looking for inspiration - and finding it all over. There are some drop-dead gorgeous cakes in the world. After decorating cakes with Kelly Ripa, I will be able to make this:

Okay, maybe not. But thanks, Rosebud Cakes, for setting the bar high!

If you're interested in browsing more phenomenal decorated cakes - none of which I will ever be able to reproduce, but oh well, one can hope - as well as some decorating how-to's, try these links:
Now I'm in the mood for frosting....

Remember, post your questions for Kelly Ripa in the comments. I'll pick the best ones and get her answers next month at the event!

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