Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scrambled eggs with Oregon white truffles

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I'm taking a break from my Countdown to Kelly Ripa series to bring you this extremely important announcement:

Fresh Oregon truffles are now available at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Now I realize that this piece of news may not rock your world as much as it does mine. If, however, you are in Los Angeles, and you have any interest in truffles, drop what you're doing and head to the Clearwater Farms stand at the Wednesday market in downtown Santa Monica. Wait - I just looked at my watch - they're probably packing up by now. But they'll likely have these beauties for the next few weeks, so mark it on your calendar. And on a non-rainy day, get there early, because they'll likely be sold out by 10am.

If you've never tried Oregon truffles, you're in for a treat. They don't really taste like their Italian or French cousins. And if I say I like them more, I will forever offend my friend Franco at Sabatino Tartufi, so I won't say that. I'll just say that they're different. Very in-your-face, and with more edge than the European truffles I've tried. The aroma is sharp and pointy when compared with the rounder, softer smells of the Italian truffles Franco brought me a few months ago. But I love them. And you can't beat the price - today Dave at Clearwater was charging $15/ounce for the white ones, and $20/ounce for the black. I hope I got that right. It might be backward. But anyway, not too expensive.

So what did I do this morning, when I was already running late for work because of my stop at the market?

I went home and made scrambled eggs with freshly grated Oregon white truffles for Michael and me. A luxurious late breakfast for two. It wouldn't wait.

Do you need a recipe for scrambled eggs? I don't think so. We used a tablespoon of butter and five eggs. Cook over low heat. When they're softly set, scrape into a bowl or onto a plate. Grate as much fresh Oregon white truffle over as you can afford. We used a large marble-sized truffle for our breakfast. Sprinkle with flaky salt and freshly ground pepper. Eat with your eyes closed, breathing deeply.


Anita said...

Erika, you're awesome. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishments. Now that you're a big famous star, will you still cook me breakfast??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Is the newspaper in the pictures to catch flecks of truffle that might escape...?

Erika Kerekes said...

@Trufflehunter - no, it was my husband's idea for a backdrop. Eggs in the morning, he reasoned, thus the newspaper fit right in. We were very, very careful. No flecks of truffle went ANYWHERE but in the bowl and in our mouths.

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