Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jamie Oliver at TED: Food and our future

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Take 20 minutes to watch  Jamie Oliver's talk from this year's TED conference, on the need to teach America's children about food. Some of the statistics at the beginning seem hyperbolic, and it floors me that children in a West Virginia classroom can't correctly identify a tomato, but maybe I've been living in California too long. In any case, it's well worth the time.

And now, if this has put you in the mood for some fresh, non-processed recipes you can make for your friends and loved ones, try these:

Chicken paillards with Greek cucumber salad
"Dinner party" salmon with mustard, wheat germ and tarragon
Tilapia cakes
Broiled chicken with smoked paprika
Kale with tahini sauce
Chili bianco with chicken, white beans and tomatillos


Jenny said...

I was completely overwhelmed by his TED talk. I watched it late last week, and I felt simultaneously angry, energized, focused, and adrift - at the state of kids, our food culture, and on the world's take on our country's responsibility. I want to do more, yet it forces me to ask myself 'how much difference can one person make?' The trick is to work with others - all of us together, little by little - will make a difference. I shall exit the soapbox arena now. :)

Erika Kerekes said...

Actually, I think the trick is to stay ON the soapbox, right?

I want to watch it again. One thing that struck me is that I give my kids chocolate milk every day in their lunchboxes. The rest of their lunch is very healthy, so I see that kind of as their "dessert" - but, you know, if I were able to find plain milk and soy milk in individual serving boxes at Costco, I'd probably buy that instead and wean them off the sugar. But I can't.

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