Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Greetings from Ixtapa, Mexico

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Hello all - greetings from Ixtapa, where we are in the midst of a lovely family vacation at Club Med. I have just a few minutes between sipping pina coladas at the pool, bobbing in the Pacific and Zumba class. (If you've never tried Zumba, a sort of aerobics thing set to Latin music, I recommend it.)

The food here at Club Med Ixtapa is really remarkable for an all-inclusive Mexican resort. At each meal there are Mexican, French-inspired and other dishes, all really nicely done. The highlights include:
  • handmade corn tortillas at every meal
  • chorizo or machaca and eggs at breakfast
  • a decent cheese selection (oh, those French)
  • adorable and tasty little pastries, many made with bananas
  • starfruit juice, which tastes like a pale, weak pineapple juice, but with subtle floral overtones
  • grilled grouper and tilapia
  • salmon and tuna sashimi, cut in front of you right off the huge whole fish
  • green and red chilaquiles every morning
  • an interesting sweet oatmeal, which I think is whole oats cooked in sweetened condensed milk
The other remarkable thing: We are all drinking the water and eating the salads. I've never done this in Mexico before, but when I asked the head of the property whether it was really as safe as they said, he explained that at a family resort like this, where every week there are hundreds of very small children and babies, they make sure to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the food and water supply. So far the only one who's gotten even a little ill is my mom, who in fact has refused all salads. Go figure.

I'll try to get photos of some of the best edibles before I leave.

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