Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Backyard eggs by Olivia

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Backyard chickens are all the rage in Los Angeles. I visited a friend the other night whose young daughter Olivia is raising chickens behind their house. Olivia feeds them, cuddles them, and collects the eggs, which she sells to friends and neighbors. She gets one or two a day and prices them based on size.

The day I stopped by Olivia sold me one medium-sized taupe egg and one stunningly large brown-shelled egg. Olivia's mom is a professional baker, and apparently the chickens eat lots of leftover pastry. Maybe that accounts for the deep orange yolks and the mild, almost sweet taste? Whatever the reason, I plan to be a loyal customer.

In case you're wondering whether I shared these wonderful Westside eggs with my family: um, no. Breakfast for one.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I grew up on a farm and I think that fresh eggs are one of life's most amazing experiences.

There is a farmer near my house who brings me a few every now and then.....sublime!

Michelle said...

It would be kind of hard to tell us how yummy they were if you had to share them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica its Olivia i have a little more then a dozen eggs for sale. Tell me when you can pick them up.Thank you for writing on your blog about me and my chicken eggs.If you want to buy all of my eggs it will be $5.40.Tell me when you can come by.

Erika Kerekes said...

Olivia - I will email your mom. Can't wait! EGGS!

Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves said...

A friend of mine out in VA has chickens as well & even just by looking at the pictures, I just get a sense of extra freshness from them. I hope I can try fresh eggs someday, especially since yes at many a blogger event I've been to, there's always an informal chat about raising your own chickens.

Belgie said...

What treasures you have there! Half the fun is seeing what was considered "in" back in the day. Enjoy!

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