Monday, September 5, 2011

Video: Celebrity chef Scott Conant

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Celebrity chef Scott Conant cooking pasta at The Taste LA
If you had one minute with a celebrity chef, what would you talk about? I'm always looking for backstory. This weekend I caught up with restauranteur and Chopped judge Scott Conant after his cooking demo at The Taste LA, an extravagant three-day food festival. Earlier, a woman in the audience had asked if he was married, and he said yes (to the disappointment of many). So when it was my turn I switched on my video camera and asked:

"What's the first thing you ever cooked for your wife?"

Watch the video below for his response - and you'll see why more than a few of the ladies in the audience were charmed.


Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Dreamer,

Wow, what a treat. Thanks for sharing Erika. I only met Yan Cook (Martin Yan "Yan can Cook") at his book signing event. Now he's doing the Iron Chef judging here and there. Saw him yesterday judging the battle between the "Thailand" iron chef and last years, or last last year's new one Forgione.

I stumbled on your blog because we have the same dream. Like you, I believe I have something to show. But how do you get recognition? What actions/steps needed to get you there, blogging, youtubing, book publishing, radio/tv volunteering (Sunny Anderson radio, Rachel Ray local TV)food demo (Rachel Ray)....? both home cook

I specialize at Easy Lazy Cheap but Heathy Tasty Food, basically, balanced nutrition (common sense way) high in flavor and fibre, low in fat. Help weight loss.. But, it doesn't matter, does it? Do we have a culinary school diploma? No. Do I want to spend $100k to "buy" that piece of paper to proof I can cook? NO. However, we are just home cook, who'd recognize us? Began dreaming 6-7 years ago. Always get distracted. Finally got my act together Jan 1. started editing publishing tons of my lousy quality videos one by one, blogging tweeting... learning all multi media from the start and working really hard, yet, Nobody is there, no feedback. Didn't bother any friends though. Look at youtube, the most "views" are for those stupid saying nothing wasting time clips.
I really don't know what's the sense.

Looks like you have a foot in the door. Looks like you've been doing your blog since 2008 and got recognition. Does it help or what else you are doing? Sorry if I am rambling too much or intruding your blog. I can email you if that's prefer. my email: Just thought we can share, exchange indea, inspire and motivate each other. Love to befriend you FB. But My facebook account been block for 7 days (stupid rules I don't know) all people share no interests with me so far...

I've been wanting to apply to the "Chopped" show, my favorite. After I make a few more videos. Are you interested doing that one? Home cooking battle. Usually they only have chefs there. I don't know. Again sorry if I am intruding you with this long blah blah. hope spark some ideas.. Have a fantastic Sunday Earika. Mabel
tech dummy failed using mabel8ble wordpress so I am trying anonymous "comment as"

Erika Kerekes said...

Hi Mabel - thanks for your comment, and no, not intruding! I have been working hard for the last 4+ years to build an audience for my blog. One of the best ways to grow your audience is to network with other bloggers, both in person at blogging conferences and through commenting on their blogs, just as you've done. Welcome, and I'm glad to meet you.

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