Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fresh grape juice recipe

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I'm still obsessing about California grapes, after my lucky evening with Tyler Florence courtesy of the California Table Grape Commission. The lovely grape people sent me home with a huge box of red, green and black grapes. No big parties scheduled this weekend - what to do? I was thinking about grape granita, but my freezer, as usual, is completely full, and I couldn't figure out how to make room for the metal pan.

So I made fresh grape juice. We don't drink much juice in general, but the husband really likes it. I hesitate to call this a recipe - it's so easy. I can imagine that some people would want to add sugar, but I didn't. Use any combination of grape colors, but (duh) the more red and black grapes you use, the more vibrantly purple the juice will be. I had seedless grapes, but you could probably use seeded ones too, since you'll be straining.

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Fresh grape juice
Think grape juice only comes in a bottle? Try this fresh version and you'll never go back.
  • 1 pound seedless California grapes, any combination of red, green and black
  • about 1/2 cup water
Fill the jar of your blender 3/4 of the way with grapes and add a splash of water. Blend on high at least 1 minute. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve over a large bowl, pressing down on the solids in the strainer with a large spoon to extract every last bit of juice. Serve chilled.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: about 2 cups
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Food-G said...

ooh this made me thirsty. sounds so...JUICY!

Anonymous said...

The modernized version of the most perfect grape juice my grandmother used to make when grapes were in season at her country home. Thanks for bringing it back for everyone! In case you're so inclined, she'd also can quarts and quarts to enjoy through the winter, and some of it was turned into sweet wine that was ready for the fall and winter holidays along with the other summer fruit wines. I'm not sure any of it would have won in a wine tasting competition, but it tasted good and made everyone feel good!

Erika said...

Food-G - very juicy indeed!

Anon - where did your grandmother grow grapes? And if this is the modernized version, how did she make her version? I'm imagining barefoot Italian nonnas stomping in the barrels....

Lentil Breakdown said...

How many cups of grapes makes a glass of juice? I would never think to make grape juice. Does this mean you can make your own Manischewitz wine for Passover? : )

Erika said...

@Lentil - I didn't measure. Used a large zip-top bag full of grapes and got about a quart of juice. I would say a cup of grapes probably yields 1/2 cup juice after you remove the solids, but that's just a guess.

Erika said...

I just went back to a few other grape juice recipes and saw that they all call for cooking the mashed grapes. I cannot figure out for the life of me why anyone would want to do that!

marla {family fresh cooking} said...

A fresh juice is always nice, especially as the water gets warmer :)

jon said...


THANK YOU, fuck cooking grapes. Natural flavor all the way.

Cheryllyne said...

I also add grated ginger and a squeeze of lemon... and shaved ice. Mint leaves too, when in season.

pepper bowl said...

Love the recipe...I mix grape juice with orange make it little more colorful!!

Lisa Edward said...

Fresh grape juice with combination of black, red and green..It looks different and tastes good. Simple and easy recipe

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