Thursday, January 28, 2010

Countdown to Kelly Ripa, day 12: Interview with Cakespy

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Twelve days until I'll be in New York with a gaggle of food bloggers to decorate cakes with Kelly Ripa on behalf of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund! Foodbuzz and Electrolux are getting everything set for the competition, and I'm continuing with my quest to learn a little something about cake decorating so I don't make a complete fool of myself. The people in my office, by the way, are extremely glad that I'm taking my studies so seriously - they're getting most of my "homework."

I know I said yesterday that today I'd be writing about my morning with Clemence of Gourmandise Desserts. That statement, I'm afraid, was overly ambitious. I forgot just how many pictures I took and how long it would take me to sort and edit them. My lesson in Swiss buttercream and fondant will have to wait a day or two - sorry. It'll be worth the wait.

But today I've got something just as exciting to share. Remember the interview I did a few days ago with my teammate Kelly from Evil Shenanigans? Well, today you get to meet Jessie from Cakespy, our third musketeer. Together, Kelly, Jessie and I plan to conquer the cake competition. And probably cover ourselves with frosting in the process.

Jessie's got an interesting and unique take on this food blogging thing: Not only does she write about sweets, but she draws them, too. She's created some of the cutest cake characters I've ever seen, and she's put them on cards, magnets, watercolors, mugs, t-shirts and more in her Cakespy online store. She answered a few questions about her art, her cake skills and her plans for New York.

Erika: Let's just get this out of the way. Velveeta in fudge

Jessie from Cakespy: I did it because Paula Deen told me to, duh! I am a mere pawn in her evil master scheme to make us all morbidly (but joyfully) obese.

Erika: Tell us about your blog. When did you start, and why, and what do you write about? 

Jessie: I started CakeSpy in the summer of 2007, initially as a way to meld my three major passions: writing, illustration, and cake. By Spring 2008 my web store (in which I sell artwork and products) had taken off to the point where I could quit my day job - so I've been a professional cake sleuth (and illustrator) since then.

Erika: You are a fabulous artist. When did you start making food art? 

Jessie: Why thank you! I think that while I always drew little food characters growing up, a major turning point was during Typography class at art school. We had to make one of our initials in a typeface and medium which we felt truly showcased our own personality. I made a cake in the shape of a Garamond "J" and became the most popular kid in my class. It became immediately clear that food would have to be a serious part of my artwork from then on - both literally and figuratively.

Erika: We know you can draw cakes, but can you decorate them? 

Jessie: Unfortunately, my cake-writing isn't as refined as my drawing...but I feel like I know a few tricks!

Erika: Does the cupcake that appears in many of your works of art have a name?

Jessie: His (yes, it's a he! Although sometimes there is a girl-cake too) name is Cuppie. Want his story? OK. He was made using a bit of leftover cake batter and as a result has always had a chip on his shoulder about not being his own "complete" cake - this has inspired him to venture out into the great wide world and seek adventure to try and define himself.

Erika: So when is your food art appearing in the New Yorker? 

Jessie: You've got to be kidding me! When I was a college student in NYC, I dropped off my portfolio at least once a month at the New Yorker for a time. Every week they rejected me, and I sadly ventured out of 4 Times Square and drowned my sorrows in crumb cake. But hey, the receptionist sure was amused by me. If and when they ever do publish my work, cake (and champagne) is on me!

Erika: Finish this sentence: When I meet Kelly Ripa, I... 

Jessie: ...will challenge her to a tiny arm wrestling match. OK, I have to confess, that's not my idea, it was an idea that came from my friend Natalie ( who told me to challenge Kelly in such a way. While I hear that Kelly and I are around the same height, I'm pretty sure she could kick my butt.

Erika: So are we going to kick some serious food blogger booty in this competition or what? 

Jessie: You bet your sweet...

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