Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strawberry crepes recipe on Food Service Warehouse blog

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It's the height of strawberry season in southern California, and to celebrate I wrote a guest post this week for the Food Service Warehouse blog. I'm really impressed with the way Food Service Warehouse, an online commercial restaurant supply house, is using social media to reach its audience - in fact, I met them through my day job at, where they've been a steady expert presence answering restaurant equipment questions on Answers, our business-to-business Q&A.

But I digress....The strawberry crepes in the photo above are easy and delicate, and when I served them last weekend all guests involved wanted seconds. You'll love them. Click through on the link below for the recipe.

Read "Strawberry crepes recipe from In Erika's Kitchen" on the FSW Blog Network

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Karp @ Easy Crepe Recipe said...

Somehow, anything can be made really good by adding some strawberries on top of them. Especially, crepes!

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