Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good Food pie contest: Photos

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I had a great time at the Good Food pie contest today! Neither of my pies (Hatch chile with bacon, green onions and cotija cheese on the left in the photo above; fig, goat cheese, rosemary and Meyer lemon on the right) made it to the final round, but that's fine with me. I didn't enter the contest to win. I did it to have fun, and on that count it was a smashing success. Here are a few photos from the day:

Fellow food bloggers Dorothy Reinhold of Shockingly Delicious and Chrystal Baker of The Duo Dishes at the entrance

The crowds waiting patiently for the tasting frenzy to begin

Heroic Good Food producer Harriet Ells guarding the pies

Good Food host and pie contest emcee Evan Kleiman interviewing one of the bakers

One of the pies I wanted to taste - but by the time I was done serving my own pies, it was all gone (sniff!)

This sour cherry pie was delicious - as you know, I'm deeply attached to Leona Valley cherries

Chrystal doing what food bloggers do best

Dorothy Reinhold of Shockingly Delicious with her two entries (blueberry, and something with smoked salmon)

Christina Xenos with her spanikopita (spinach pie), which took third place in the Savory category - she learned to make it from the little old ladies at the Greek Orthodox church her family attended in Ohio

Congratulations to all the winners; great job, Harriet, Evan and the KCRW crew; and huge props to all the bakers! Now I'm inspired. I already have a list going for next year....


Monet said...

What a fun event! I would have loved to have attended, but I probably would have needed at least four other stomachs to enjoy all the tasty pies!

Erika Kerekes said...

Interestingly enough, most of the pies didn't appeal to me. I'm not a huge sweets eater in the first place, and there were lots of gooey, creamy pies. I wanted to taste most of the savory ones, and there were so few of them that they were gone by the time I was finished serving my own pies. Next year I'm definitely spending more time on the savory entry - a lot less competition and so many possibilities! For fruit, maybe a Shaker lemon pie with those gorgeous Meyer lemons from my yard....

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