Friday, September 3, 2010

Oyster mushroom fricassee recipe on The Mushroom Channel blog

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Why is it so hard to take pictures of cooked mushrooms? I struggled and struggled with this one - shot it four different ways before I finally came up with this one for my latest post on The Mushroom Channel. It's the oyster mushroom fricassee from Le Saint Amour in Culver City, one of my favorite French restaurants.

The photo I took in the restaurant the first time, too dark. The second time, overexposed. My first attempt at home, pathetic. This one, passable. What to do? Wait, I have a solution! I just need to take Rachel from Inside the Kaganoff Kitchen with me everywhere I go. Rachel, I hope you're available for the foreseeable future. Please bring your camera.

Head on over to The Mushroom Channel to read about this delicious, ultra-French-but-so-easy-to-make-at-home dish!


Rachel Kaganoff Stern said...

Try shooting from the side in a nice stack with some big cilantro or parsley leaves on top (even if you don't even actually put cilantro or parsley on the dish - it's called photographic license). I think that plate's too busy and doesn't go with the brown. Try them against a white plate with the green from the herbs. That's where I would start. That said, I'll go wherever you want me to go.

Erika Kerekes said...

I did try it on a white plate - twice - but it was so monochromatically BROWN that I found it boring, even with parsley on top. I couldn't stack it. Too floppy by the time it was cooked. I should have undercooked it a bit, maybe.

Monet said...

I haven't even thought about attempting it. My photography skills need to improve A LOT before I can give it a try. These look yummy though!

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