Tuesday, September 6, 2011

VIDEO: Food Network chef Claire Robinson on her mom's cooking

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Food Network host Claire Robinson making scones and butter at The Taste LA

Celebrity chefs have lots of stories to tell, so when I get a minute with a food personality, I always have a few questions ready. I met Food Network host Claire Robinson this weekend after her cooking demo at The Taste LA, an extravagant three-day food festival. She talked about her grandmother's creamed corn recipe (two ingredients: bacon and corn), which got me thinking about food and family. So when I got to the front of the line I switched on my video camera and asked:

"What's the first food you remember your mom making for you?"

Watch the video below for her response - she's adorable and funny (which is probably why she's on TV and I'm not) (yet).


Sarah P said...

Erika, you've been so busy since I saw you last!
"Taste" looks awesome. I love your How to Become a Celebrity Chef post. Love.

Private chef service bristol said...

Mom's cooking is always the most hearty meal. It is what we grow up with.

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